Topping the List

Lakeland recently found itself at the top of a list, but there aren’t too many people who are excited about it. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the city ranks as the worst place in the south to live if you have asthma, and fourth of the top 100 metropolitan areas in …

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Body, Mind & Spirit

Mental Health Is an Important Part of Surgery Recovery by MARY JOYE, LMHC Modern medical surgical techniques have come a long way. Less invasive procedures call for less hospital time. However, our primitive healing responses set a pace that may be less than what we expect in this age of instant gratification. Much like the …

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Healthy Cook

From Savory to Sweet, These Superfoods Will Make You Swoon by CAROL CORLEY Early in the 20th century, the term “superfoods” was coined by United Fruit Company to market bananas — a fruit loaded with vitamins and minerals and considered a super healthy snack. Bananas are still considered a superfood, but they have been joined …

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Saving Lives

AdventHealth Creates Test to Quickly Detect Deadly Amoeba Infections by TERESA SCHIFFER AdventHealth shared some news that’s pretty exciting for anyone who likes to enjoy freshwater lakes in warmer climates. Scientists have recently developed an effective test to determine whether an individual has been infected with any of three of the most common deadly amoebas …

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Medical Advice

Take a Stand Against Breast Cancer by Dr. JOY JACKSON, MD, Director of DOH-Polk Getting diagnosed with breast cancer at any stage is a frightening prospect, but getting diagnosed early can make a difference. During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, we want to remind you of the importance of first, carefully evaluating your …

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Light From Darkness

Breast Cancer Survivors Share Stories of Perseverance Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care if you’re a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, or sole provider. It doesn’t care if you’re embarking on the best adventure of your life or going through your most trying time. Despite the awareness campaigns and vast education on the topic, the …

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