Editor’s Dose

Editor's Dose

Save the Dates!

The fall season of the Central Florida Health Expo has been quite the success, and ...
Editor's Dose

See You at the Next Expo!

We kicked off the fall series of the Central Florida Health Expo’s ninth season at ...
Editor's Dose

Topping the List

Lakeland recently found itself at the top of a list, but there aren’t too many ...
Editor's Dose

Nursing Trends Survey Helps to Bring Issue Into Focus

In this edition, we’re taking a closer look at youth and the future, especially the ...
Editor's Dose

Anxiety Survival Tips

In a world where multitasking is not only encouraged but also considered a prized skill ...
Editor's Dose

Level Up for Florida Lakes

If you grew up playing Frogger and Pitfall on Atari as I did, I have ...

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