Move the Needle

Even though most people know the importance of physical activity, only about 22% of American adults meet the recommendations for aerobic and strengthening activity. In fact, the American Heart Association also found that one in three adults participates in no leisure time physical activity at all. This is the month to change that. With spring officially in the air, it’s a great time for a spring cleaning of unhealthy habits. 

Every April, the American Heart Association celebrates Move More Month to get more people thinking about how they can incorporate more physical activity into their daily routines on a regular basis. 

Whether you’re in the gym five days a week or you’re a desk jockey by day like many of us are, there are minor adjustments that you can make to amp up your everyday activity.

  • Take that meeting to go. Provided you’re not on a Zoom call, use the time you’re on conference calls to stretch your legs and get your heart rate up.
  • Park farther away. Force yourself to fit in some extra steps by parking farther from your destination.
  • Pair up with your pup for a power walk. If you have a dog, chances are good that you have a ready and willing companion for a nightly walk. It’s a win-win: You burn calories while the dog burns excess energy.
  • Take advantage of TV time. Break out of the binge state by getting your body moving while you catch up on your shows. Walk on a treadmill, ride a stationary bike, do yoga, or even squeeze in some burpees during the commercial break.

Now, who’s ready to make April a month of change? 

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