Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute Announces Formation of Vita Nova Insights, a Healthcare Analytics Company

Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, LLC (FCS) today announced the formation of a new healthcare analytics subsidiary. This new entity, named Vita Nova Insights, LLC d/b/a Vita Nova Insights,SM is wholly owned by Community Oncology Revitalization Enterprise, LLC (Core Ventures), FCS’ management services organization, and was created to serve as a precision oncology insights and real-world evidence platform. By partnering with FCS to advance oncology research through the development of unique proprietary datasets combining advanced data curation, data science, artificial intelligence, and data analysis capabilities, Vita Nova Insights is positioned to bring differentiated insights to the marketplace.

Over the past 12 months, the Vita Nova Insights team has successfully conducted more than a dozen real-world evidence studies in collaboration with many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. One of the compelling advantages of FCS’ real-world evidence program is the robust connection with physicians. This provides a means to not only identify challenges with certain therapies but also the ability to efficiently act on those opportunities to improve patient care.

“Healthcare analytics companies aren’t new,” said FCS Chief Executive Officer Nathan H. Walcker. “But Vita Nova Insights is unique in its ability to symbiotically partner with FCS and its more than 250 providers across the state of Florida to study the efficacy of oncology treatment protocols and deliver perspectives from the clinic that directly inform clinical decisions and impact patient care downstream. Formally organizing our efforts with Vita Nova Insights cements our deep commitment to oncology research and further reflects our collective ability to generate real-world evidence that truly enables the discovery, development, and optimization of new therapeutic products. This platform is unmatched – harmonizing analytics talent, deep and clinically rich longitudinal datasets, and a market-leading independent community oncology group. There’s nothing out there like it,” Walcker concluded.

In collaboration with FCS, the new company supports physicians and clinical researchers’ access to the diversified data assets at FCS, including EMR, practice management, genomics, oral oncolytic pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, and radiation oncology systems. Information gleaned from our experience caring for over one million patients is standardized against industry reference data and further enriched using external data sources to create a more comprehensive picture of the health of every patient. Vita Nova Insights utilizes industry-leading data science, artificial intelligence, and its clinical oncology expertise to generate insights that help optimize patient care, enable clinical research, and convert FCS’ real-world data into the real-world evidence needed for the discovery and development of new therapies.

President & Managing Physician Lucio N. Gordan, MD added, “The advances we have been able to achieve in data aggregation, curation, and analysis over the past three years have put meaningful data literally at physicians’ fingertips, enabled precision-oncology decision support and provided clinical insights that enable us to be more nimble, more efficient in delivering superior patient care and cutting-edge therapies across the entire practice.”

Vita Nova Insights provides FCS physicians with analytic insights into all next-generation sequencing tests performed across the practice through an in-house service branded MolecularHelpSM powered by the FCS PRECISESM precision-oncology platform.

“Given the pace of innovation in precision-oncology, with new therapies coming to market at a rate never seen before, it is challenging for physicians to keep up.” said Senior Vice President & Data Officer Trevor W. Heritage, PhD, “Vita Nova Insights analyses every genomics test result, in the context of the full patient clinical record, and alerts physicians to corresponding treatment options and associated evidence in real-time,” he concluded.

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