Tackling Challenges in the Healthcare Sector

At Central Florida Health News, we’re always trying to come up with newer, better ways to serve our ever-growing community. The rapid expansion of healthcare services in Central Florida is truly a blessing, but it presents its own challenges. Staffing is one of those. 

We often talk about the urgent need for more nurses in the profession, but we do recognize that healthcare staffing involves a variety of other positions as well. Everyone is important, from the custodial staff who disinfect hospital counters to surgeons preparing to operate. 

We want to help make staffing for medical facilities effective and easy. That’s why we want to create a medical job board to connect individuals in the healthcare industry with potential employers. 

Our vision is not only to help healthcare facilities, clinics, and care centers find qualified team members but also to provide a central location where job seekers can upload their resumes to get seen by employers specifically in our area. 

Our clients would get access to the Central Florida Health News network, including doctors, physicians, medical managers, and residents of the Central Florida area.

We’d love to hear from healthcare hiring managers for this pilot project. Let’s brainstorm and explore how Central Florida Health News can help you!

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