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Nurses Needed, STAT

Concerns over nursing shortages are nothing new. In fact, shortages have been a recurring dilemma since the 1970s. But recent changes are underscoring the need to identify workable solutions. Polk County’s population influx has hit a fevered pitch. According to the latest Census data, more people moved to Polk County than any other county in […]

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Benefitting From the Boom

Earlier this year, Polk County was named the fastest growing county in Florida, and the seventh-fastest growing county in the nation. That growth has been mirrored by the area’s healthcare industry, which has been booming. In 2023, Polk County had more announcements of new hospitals, expanded clinics, and new medical groups coming into the area

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Don’t Miss Out on the 2024 Central Florida Physicians Directory

When this time of year rolls around, most people are thinking about Thanksgiving and the holidays. At Central Florida Media Group, we’ve got our sights set on something else. Our writers and editors are steadily working on the 2024 Central Florida Physicians Directory and Medical Providers Guide. With roughly 1,900 listings, it’s quite the task

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Tight Times for Health Care

The healthcare industry has always faced challenges, but the current staffing shortage is certainly one of the most formidable. You may have heard rumblings, or maybe you wondered why your doctor’s appointment was moved. In fact, staff shortages can have a snowball effect on everything from shuffled appointments and longer wait times to more dire

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Celebrating 12 Years

At Central Florida Health News, we believe it’s important to take the time to pause and reflect on how far you’ve come. Recognizing and rejoicing in life’s victories fosters an attitude of gratitude. And we’re nothing if not gracious. This year, we celebrate 12 years of Central Florida Health News. That’s 12 years of serving

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