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Staying On Top of Change

As many of our readers know, Central Florida Health News has been embedded in the medical community since 2011. Ever since, we’ve been sharing your stories of success,awareness, and inspiration. Over the years, we’ve seen such an incredible expansion in the healthcare industry. Ifthere’s one thing we’ve noticed, it’s that the growth we’re experiencing means …

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Barks and Blessings

This is one of my favorite editions of Central Florida Health News. After all, I’m a huge dog lover, so any time I get to write about the undeniably positive bond between humans and their pets, I’m thrilled. In this edition, we explore the benefits pets have on our lives, and we go even further …

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A Good Year

This is the time of year when we start measuring, reflecting, and preparing for the next chapter. People like to ask whether it’s been a good year, and my response will always be the same: Every year is a good year. Each day is a gift from the Good Lord above, and we decide how …

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A Message From Mom

A Message From Mom In our annual Breast Cancer Awareness edition, we let the heroes do the talking. We pass the bullhorn to the women who, despite facing the scariest of encounters in their lives, press on and spread an important message. Loud and clear, their message rings out, lighting the darkness and spreading awareness. …

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In Honor of the Good Guys

Sometimes the smallest, seemingly most mundane details of a story are what stick with you. That was the case when I read this edition’s feature on protecting young athletes from the heat. It wasn’t so much the story as it was a passing mention of something I feel needs to be emphasized. The article describes …

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