The Heart of a Community

If you’ve spent any time in Winter Haven, you likely know — or know of — Chris and Hap Hazelwood. They are both, for lack of a better word, pillars of the Polk County community. Chris is executive director of Your Polk County Hub, and Hap is Treasurer and Board Member of Your Polk Hub. They’ve received multiple awards, including the Banker’s Cup Man and Woman of the Year. In January, the Low Payment Kings (aka Mahalak Auto Group) presented the couple with the 18 Aces to Conquer Cancer Courage Awards.

18 Aces to Conquer Cancer is an annual event that spreads awareness for pancreatic cancer and raises money for research and patient aid. The Hazelwoods know how important it is to raise money for the cause because they’re both cancer survivors themselves.

Since this is the Heart Health edition of Central Florida Health News, I want to make sure we’re talking about all kinds of heart health. Most people talk about heart health in terms of exercise and EKGs, but the heart of a community is where it all begins. And heroes like Chris and Hap Hazelwood are evidence that our community’s heart is going strong.

God bless, and thanks for reading Central Florida Health News.

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