A reminder from Plato


The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated.” ~Plato

Sometimes, in order to keep moving forward, we must look back. In the case of Plato, he made this observation to serve as a reminder that when treating the human body, we are providing care— not just to the ailment itself, but— to a real person.

As a physician who cares about his or her patients, I’m sure you spend as much time as you can with each individual. You give them the opportunity to ask questions, voice their concerns, and listen to their opinions. You try to provide that little bit of comfort while being realistic and frank. You— as a caring physician— make sure that they are educated about their disease or condition, and go over all aspects of their treatment.

In this edition of Central Florida Doctor, one of the topics we address is that very process: making sure each patient understands, follows, and adheres to their treatment plan. It sounds simple enough, but we all know that this process is easier said than done. There is no manual or turn-key process that a physician can use for all of his patients. Each case— like each person— is unique, and therefore each one requires a little different of an approach.

Also in this edition, one of our retired physicians in the community and a Polk County Medical Association member, Dr. Glen Barden, shares his medical story. He is a great example of how one can be a valued contributing member of the medical community long after the doctor’s coat has been hung up.

Last, but certainly not least, you can read about the Polk County Medical Foundation’s car raffle. This fundraiser will help continue the organization’s public educational initiatives, as well as benefit We Care of Polk County, the network of volunteer doctors who provide much-needed care to low-income, uninsured residents of the community.



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