Let’s get physical

POP QUIZ: How Physically Active Are You?

The statistics show the truth— Americans aren’t getting enough physical activity in their daily lives. According to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition website (www.fitness.gov), less than five percent of adults get 30 minutes of activity a day. You can take the step towards being more active by taking our pop quiz to see where your physicality lies and how it can be improved.

1) What is the recommended time each week that an adult 18 and older should be physically active?

  1. An hour a week
  2. Two and a half hours a week
  3. Five hours a week
  4. A couple minutes a day works

2) How many adults are physically active on a weekly basis?

  1. 4 in 5
  2. 6 in 8
  3. 1 in 3
  4. All adults are physically active

3) What can be considered moderate-intensity activity?

  1. Gardening
  2. Walking briskly
  3. Biking around neighborhood
  4. All of the Above

4) What is recommended for vigorous physical activity?

  1. Swimming
  2. Jumping rope
  3. Heavy gardening (such as vigorous raking)
  4. All of the Above

5) How can you add physical activity to a busy schedule?

  1. Taking more steps during the day, such as parking farther away from the store or taking stairs instead of an elevator
  2. Standing up while cooking
  3. Taking a brisk walk for 10 minutes three times a day, five times a week
  4. It’s hard to set aside time in your day to be active so why bother?

6) What is the recommended physical activity amount for children under 17?

  1. No specific amount
  2. 30 minutes
  3. 60 minutes
  4. 90 minutes

7) What are bone-strengthening activities for children and adults?

  1. Hopscotch
  2. Tennis
  3. Basketball
  4. All of the Above

8) True or False: The talk test is a written test where you write down the activities that are best for you.

Answer 1: B and C. The recommended time is two and a half hours of moderate-intensity exercise from the President’s Council for adults 18 and above. It is encouraged to gradually increase your time to five hours each week when you are physically able.

Answer 2: C) 1 in 3. One in three adults get the recommended two and a half hours of physical activity each week. As we age the percentage doesn’t improve, with 28-34 percent in the 65-74 age range being active and 35-44 percent of adults 75 and up.

Answer 3: D) All of the Above. Simple activities like gardening or walking at a brisk pace is considered moderate-intensity exercise if it raises your heart rate and makes you sweat.

Answer 4: D) All of the Above. The President’s Council recommends at least an hour and 15 minutes of vigorous activity (once you’re healthy enough for it) per week if you prefer activity at this level; all of these activities, as well as martial arts and running, are listed as vigorous activities. Don’t forget to consult your doctor to make sure you’re ready for vigorous physical activity.

Answer 5: A and C. You can definitely add physical activity to your schedule wherever you are. Taking the stairs, walking more often, and even doing exercises at your office desk are helpful activities that keep you fit without having to be vigorously active.

Answer 6: C) 60 minutes. Only one in three children are physically active on a daily basis, spending almost eight hours a day in front of a television or computer instead. Children ages six to 17 should get 60 minutes of moderate-intensity activity each day.

Answer 7: D) All of the Above. Bone-strengthening activities put pressure on the bones to help them grow and strengthen due to the impact of your leg to the ground. Even hopscotch with your child can strengthen bones in many ways.

Answer 8: False. The talk test is a motion test where a person tries to talk while engaging in physical activity. If the person can talk while active, then they are moving at the moderate-intensity level. If they aren’t able to talk, then they are moving at the vigorous level of physical activity.

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