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What is Cross-linking?

The cornea is the clear front surface of the eye. It covers the colored part of the eye and provides a significant amount of our focusing ability.  The cornea is made of a material that is very common throughout the body called collagen. The collagen provides structural stability to the cornea. The collagen in the […]

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Hope or Hype?

Groundbreaking Alzheimer’s Drug Signals Progress, but Doubts Remain by TIM CRAIG It’s been nearly five months since the Food and Drug Administration approved the first new Alzheimer’s treatment since 2003, but its potential impact has been mired in controversies about the approval process, who should get the treatment, its efficacy in fighting the disease, and

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Targeting Vaccine Hesitancy

Tips on How to Approach Reluctant Patients by TERESA SCHIFFER As we head into another year with the COVID-19 threat still heavily upon us, many healthcare providers are wondering how to better communicate to the public the real risks associated with this disease. After hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions of positive cases and the

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On the Pulse

Healthcare Heroes Head Into the Holidays With Achievements, Awards and Honors by ERIKA ALDRICH Autumn is upon us and Central Florida’s healthcare providers are gearing up for cooler weather and the holiday season ahead. Our area’s doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers are hard at work delivering high-quality healthcare to Central Florida residents. Explore all

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July is UV Safety Month

When we think of summer, images of beaches, theme parks, and outdoor sports and activities come to mind. While getting out of the house and doing things outside is generally considered healthy, there are risks involved, one of which is exposure to the dreaded UV light.   Ultraviolet (UV) light refers to the region of

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2021 State Recap

Find Out How Healthcare Legislation Fared This Year by TERESA SCHIFFER This year was a busy one for healthcare legislation during Florida’s legislative session that ended in late April. There have been some significant laws passed in regards to the healthcare industry. Out of a total of 275 bills passed, 14 specifically relating to healthcare

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Going to the Top

BayCare Advocates Address Congress on Children’s Mental Health Care by TIM CRAIG While the long-term physical effects of the COVID pandemic continue to be studied, the mental health effects, particularly among adolescents and teens, often go underreported and, more importantly, underfunded.   However, that may begin to change. BayCare Health System operates 15 hospitals in

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COVID’s Wake

With the Worst Over, Why Is Burnout So Prevalent? by DIANA HENDEL, PharmD & MARK GOULSTON, MD    The worst of COVID seems to be over. So, just as a sense of normalcy is returning, why are America’s workers reporting record levels of burnout? And why is it driving what’s being called the “Great Resignation”?

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On the Pulse

 As Sense of Normalcy Grows, Healthcare Sector Buzzing With New Faces and Accomplishments by ERIKA ALDRICH Summer is in full swing and Central Florida’s healthcare providers are happy to see things start to return to normal. While things have slowed down, our area’s doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers have continued their hard work in

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