A Message From Mom

In our annual Breast Cancer Awareness edition, we let the heroes do the talking. We

pass the bullhorn to the women who, despite facing the scariest of encounters in their

lives, press on and spread an important message. Loud and clear, their message rings

out, lighting the darkness and spreading awareness. There are many in our

community who fit this bill.

One breast cancer survivor, in particular, enjoyed a long and celebrated career in our area’s County Health Department and Public School system. She was widely

known — and just as widely loved — by those blessed enough to share their world with

her. She was a survivor through and through, and the message she preached is the

same echoed by the many survivors featured in this edition of Central Florida Health

News: Early detection and regular screening are key.

She was a rock for the community and a rock star for my family. Many knew her only as

Nurse Kirkland. I knew her as Mom.

There are many organizations set up to help make mammograms possible for the

uninsured and underinsured. I encourage you to reach out if you need assistance for

screening. Remember, you’re not doing it just for yourself, you’re also doing it for your loved


Florida Breast Cancer Foundation: floridabreastcancer.org/support-


Central Florida Health Care: cfhc.org

We Care Central Florida: wecarecentralflorida.org/project-think-pink-2

Polk County Department of Health: polk.floridahealth.gov

Breast Cancer Foundation of Central Florida: www.bcfcf.org

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