Breast Cancer and You

You’ve probably noticed the familiar, annual inundation of pink just about everywhere lately as we start Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From pink T-shirts and hats to pink pizza boxes and law enforcement badges, everything is awash in the color of awareness! As healthcare providers, we’re always thrilled to see so much awareness and support. 

Aside from skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer for women in the United States. Fortunately, it can be treated when it is detected early. That’s why doctors and survivors around the world emphasize the importance of annual screenings, mammograms, and self-exams. Simply put: They save lives.

Inside this edition of Central Florida Health News, we share with you the journey of four women who battled breast cancer and emerged victorious. Their insights, courage, and messages offer hope and encouragement. We hope their stories inspire you to take control of your health and get screened. 

While it is very uncommon for men to develop breast cancer, they account for an estimated 1 in every 100 cases in the U.S. We spoke with Winter Haven Hospital oncologist Hassan Ebrahim about the occurrence in men and the signs and symptoms. Learn more in our Q&A with him.

Inside, you’ll also find information on innovations in cancer detection, a quiz on Autism Spectrum Disorder, and a peek at a test AdventHealth developed to earlier detect brain-eating amoeba. 

On behalf of the Polk County Medical Association, have a great month and remember to make it your mission to get screened or remind a loved one to do so!

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