Addressing the Needs of the Future Today

If it seems like the landscape of health care is constantly evolving, you’re right! Physicians, educators, trainers, and planners are hard at work year after year improving processes, creating opportunities for advancement, and preparing future healthcare providers to meet the population’s changing needs. 

That’s why the Polk County Medical Association enjoys this particular edition of Central Florida Health News so much. It highlights the impressive progress, educational partnerships, and professional collaborations in our area that are all part of a greater plan to solidify Central Florida’s place among the best of the best in health care.  

In this edition, we introduce you to the two interns in the inaugural Florida State University/Winter Haven Hospital Doctoral Psychology Internship Program. The program was born out of a need for increased mental health services in Polk County. You can learn more about the program on page 6.

We also share with you South Florida State College’s recently unveiled Center for Nursing Excellence, which was launched primarily to draw more students into the nursing profession and help ease the nursing shortage. Read more about the center on page 10.  

As the fall winds down and school sports kick into high gear, don’t miss our feature on page 14 that explains how schools and coaches protect student-athletes from extreme heat during practices and games. 

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