How physicians can prevent prescription drug abuse through education

Over six million Americans abuse prescription opioids, stimulants, or sedatives, and more men and women now die from prescription drug overdoses than die from all other drug or alcohol overdoses. This epidemic is often attributed to the skyrocketing numbers of prescriptions being written for these medications, which not only puts more of them directly in

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War on Medicare fraud intensifies

 Recovering Funds, Preventing Fraudulent Activity, and Exercising Compliance The federal government has revved up its battle against Medicare fraud, recovering more than $14.9 billion during the last three years. Now a new proposed rule from the U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Department would increase rewards to those who help the government recover funds. The

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Modernizing patient records workflow

Moving your office from fax to encrypted email Physician’s offices are under increasing pressure to produce a more efficient, compliant, and secure workflow to handle all aspects of patient communications. Industry risks, government regulations, and staffing costs drive the savvy Office Manager to continually scout out better processes for communicating critical information and building a

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Legal risks of going paperless

  Electronic medical records are meant to save time and money, but they also can create liability issues for doctors. Reprinted with permission from American Medical News. Copyright © 2012 American Medical Association. All rights reserved. Defense attorney Catherine J. Flynn knows how electronic medical records can overwhelm — and often change — the course

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