Breaking the mold of medical advertising

When asking, “What’s the standard of medical advertising?” That’s a simple question to answer: new medical staff, the latest equipment, or latest ratings from U.S. News and World Report are just some of the qualities we look for in a medical ad.

But what other messages can the medical industry send out to the public? How can medical businesses break the mold of current trends in advertising? How can local medical facilities stand out amidst their competition?

Some of the answers are coming down from New York, while others are a little bit closer to home. A recent article from the New York Times talks about advertising strategies in the health industry. Some facilities are using patient testimonials in advertising, like the famous ad for Mount Sanai Medical Center with a patient success story headline that reads, “Ironic that a plumber came to us to remove a clog.”

Taking humor a step further to catch the public’s attention, Bethesda Heart Hospital in Boynton Beach, Florida recently ran a campaign about longer life: “Your heirs can wait.”

The goal in this form of marketing is to focus on the results of the medical practice (which is to help you live longer), versus the features of the facility (cutting-edge technology, world-class physicians, etc.). These are just some examples of different ways that the medical industry can get creative in their message to the surrounding community.


story by MIKE JOHNSON,
Associate Publisher

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