One of Florida’s best kept getaway secrets


 A Floating Hotel and an Adventure Awaits in the Gulf of Mexico

John Masefield wrote in his poem Sea Fever:
“I must go down to the seas again,
For the call of the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be
And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and
The sea-gulls crying.”
During the Florida summer the call of the fisherman to the sea is as constant as the running tide. To answer that call is as simple as planning a trip to some of the hottest fishing spots in the Gulf. However, most trips are delegated to long day trips with sometimes a deflating long return trip to the mainland. Rather, picture yourself returning to a World-Class resort floating out in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico greeting you with the same comforts of a luxury hotel. This depiction is exactly how Christopher Longrie, part owner and co-creator, describes the inception and creation of Fisherman’s Paradise; “A small group of avid Gulf Fisherman came up with the idea while fishing out in the Middle Grounds, the location of some of the best fishing in this area. At that time, one of the guys got on the radio and pretended as if he was calling into a ‘mothership’ to have steaks and cocktails prepared and remarked, ‘we should put a hotel out here.’ Six years later, here we are!”
Fisherman’s Paradise, with its four-star amenities, is the realization of that vision. The 385-foot long by 85-foot wide floating platform resort’s sole purpose is “to provide accommodations while you access the world’s finest recreational fishing and diving experience, all at an affordable cost.” Day trips are planned to world-renowned fishing, snorkeling, and diving destinations such as, Middle Grounds, “the Elbow,” Venice, Louisiana, Dry Tortugas, Cancun, and Panama. A personalized fishing, snorkeling, or diving adventure and destination are arranged in coordination with locally licensed recreational charter captains and a Dive Master. Everything needed, from dive tanks to bait are provided for the activity of choice.
Fisherman’s Paradise locality is accessed via two modes of transportation: specific airports by a Sikorsky S-76 helicopter or harbors and marinas by shuttle-boat (pick-ups are noted on their website at Of their floating resort, Longrie says, “[It] is a very exclusive and private location, which lends itself very well to some of the best views of sunsets, star watching and simply gazing at the city horizon in the distance. With massage rooms on board, two-level gym, and a pool, people can find many other ways to relax and enjoy their time on board.” After a full day of activities guests return to the stately “mothership” and can choose a method of relaxation: the spa and massage or foot-detox rooms and sauna, take a dive in their freshwater pool or work out in the multi-level gym. The resort also boasts a swim-up pool bar and 3500 square foot salon bar and lounge for you to unwind over cocktails.
Fisherman’s Paradise offers a more unique and individualized experience than the upscale mainland resorts since every booking will vary according to the adventure you map out, yet it possesses all the same fine dining, select wines, and deluxe accommodations and amenities. Longrie explains that one of their standards for resort guests is to “get YOU on the fish!” and when recent guest Bob Misewhich’s charter Captain unexpectedly cancelled, Fisherman’s Paradise fulfilled their obligation by quickly securing another charter Captain. Regardless of this uncontrollable circumstance, Misewhich describes his vacation with Fisherman’s Paradise to Longrie as an “incredible experience” and particularly depicted the staff and crew galley as “courteous and helpful” with “excellent food” served!
Whether for family, friends or a couple’s retreat, a little rest and recreation is only a shuttle-boat or heliport transfer away. This summer the call for one of the most unique and adventurous Gulf fishing expeditions can be answered with Fisherman’s Paradise. For more information, visit
story by J.P. Smith

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