A New Year at the PCMA

Q&A with President Dr. Arvind Soni

At the closing of 2013, the Polk County Medical Association (PCMA) welcomed a new president. Dr. Arvind Soni took a few moments to share with Central Florida Doctor magazine how the PCMA plans to continue and expand its community health initiatives in the New Year.

Central Florida Doctor (CFDr): What are some of the challenges the PCMA expects to face in 2014?

Dr. Arvind Soni: With the many changes (and unknown effects of those changes) on the horizon, there are many challenges for physicians, residents, and the PCMA in 2014. The changes in the healthcare law may cause stress and hardships for many people, both physicians and patients. The difficulty in the healthcare rollout has not helped. Some patients will be forced to change their physician or healthcare provider, and many people who were not previously insured will be looking for a physician under their new health insurance plan. Even with all the changes, we at the PCMA feel strongly that we can assist both physicians, patients, and residents in Polk County.

CFDr: What does the Association have planned in terms of public health seminars and other educational events?

Dr. Soni: The PCMA always sponsors or jointly assists other organizations in many health-related activities or educational seminars. We will continue to inform residents in Polk County and offer courses depending on the specific needs of our community.

CFDr: Which events can we expect to see repeated from last year?

Dr. Soni: CPR education is always well received and attended. There has been interest in CPR for children as well. We are also looking forward to hosting our Annual Casino Night event in October. More details will be released on these and other events as it becomes available.

CFDr: Are there any brand-new events?

Dr. Soni: We have some new events planned for 2014, which will be announced in the coming months.

CFDr: What is the Number One New Year’s Resolution the PCMA would recommend for residents of Polk County to make and keep this year?

Dr. Soni: As the Surgeon General of Florida Dr. John Armstrong has been stressing, obesity has become an epidemic and has been linked to many ailments. The PCMA would like to encourage all residents of Polk County to get active and do their best to stay fit while making healthy lifestyle choices.

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