PCMA Letter: Hot topics of the new year

At the beginning of the New Year, we like to address some of the topics that are on the tip of everyone’s tongues. This edition of Central Florida Doctor addresses some of the major changes to the industry that will surely effect every aspect of our way of providing quality health care.

It goes without saying that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is at the top of this list. We all have been on edge of our seats as we watch the drama of the new healthcare law unfold before our eyes. Some critics of the rollout are saying that the drama we’ve witnessed thus far is only the tip of iceberg. Proponents of the ACA are counter responding by saying it will only get better in 2014, but of course, only time will tell. As physicians of the PCMA, I encourage you to stay educated on developments and involved with your PCMA organization. Questions will undoubtedly start flowing in from your existing and new patients, and it’s best to be able to answer those questions for them.

The next hot topic of the season is how we must make final preparations for the ICD-10 conversion, which is looming over us later this year. There will be many more codes associated with ICD-10, and so we must be prepared to use them before it’s a requirement.

SoniArvindLastly, some of you may be wondering how the PCMA plans to be a source of knowledge for residents and a useful ally for physicians. I invite you to read my Q&A in this edition to gain more insight on our efforts as an organization. However, I also hope that you will consider joining the PCMA and becoming an active member. If you have questions about how you can get involved and make a difference in the community, please contact our Executive Director Jackie Courtney at (863) 644-4051 or email director@polkcountydoctors.com.

Everyone at the PCMA would like to wish you and yours a safe and prosperous New Year!


Arvind B. Soni, M.D.
Director of Radiation Oncology
St. Joseph’s Hospital, BayCare Health System
President, Polk County Medical Association

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