A Look Back Before Moving Ahead

Whew, 2023! Each January, I find myself saying the same thing: I can’t believe it’s already the new year! 

This past year marked the 12th year for Central Florida Health News, and true to our mission, we’ve been busy sharing stories that touch our community. 

  • To celebrate heart health in February, we took a closer look at the effects of stress on the heart and shared Roger Walker’s health scare to underscore the importance of advocating for yourself as a patient. 
  • As the nation and Central Florida sink deeper into a nursing shortage, we worked to help you understand how it could affect our area. In May and September, we showed you how local educational institutions are working to recruit and train more nurses, and in July, we talked to various physician associations to learn more about their plans to stem the shortage.
  • To mark Mental Health Awareness Month in May, we gave you insight into Peace River Center’s partnership with Polk Vision to host panel discussions on mental health. 
  • In October, we featured four breast cancer survivors to spread their messages of perseverance, inspiration, and hope.  
  • Last month, we gave you a detailed look at the explosive expansion of healthcare services in Polk County with two new hospitals putting down roots.

Packed alongside these highlights in each edition were stories of just as much importance and impact. 

There’s nothing I love more than watching Central Florida Health News grow and fortifying our bonds with partners in the healthcare community. We are eternally grateful for those partners, the advertisers we depend upon so much to bring you this publication, our employees and contributing correspondents who are so very talented and dedicated, and — of course — you,  our most valued readers. 

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