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Healthy Cook: Keep memory sharp with the foods you eat

IF YOU SOMETIMES can’t remember where you put your keys, screw cup hooks inside a cupboard near the garage door. To never have to ask “Why did I come into

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Hospice Help: Preparing yourself for the final chapters

EACH AND EVERY DAY, we make hundreds of decisions. We decide what time to wake up in the morning, which shoes to wear, what to have for dinner, or what

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Family Health: Five tips for healthier aging

LIFESTYLE CHOICES have a great impact on our overall wellness as we age. Below are five tips for making better decisions to ensure healthier aging.

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Publisher’s Closing Thoughts: Happy anniversary, Central Florida Health News!

APRIL MARKS the coming of spring, and with the new season, many of us think of where we’ve come from and where we are going. This time of year also

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Word of Mouth: How to ace your next dental cleaning

Wouldn’t it be great if your dentist only had good news for you during your dental cleaning visits? Instead of hearing about cavities, upcoming root canals and such, wouldn’t it

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Q&A: Weighing your risk for osteoporosis

We interviewed Dr. Raul B. Tallo, a rheumatologist with Lakeland Regional Health, about the bone disease osteoporosis. Central Florida Health News (CFHN): Who is more prone to osteoporosis? Is it

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Medical Advice: Reminders during National Nutrition Month

IN MARCH, we mark the end of winter and the start of spring. It is also the time when we celebrate National Nutrition Month and turn our focus to healthy

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PCMA Letter: Staying healthy as you age doesn’t have to be puzzling

THIS EDITION of Central Florida Health News, the Senior Edition, addresses essential health conditions for you to consider (both for the present and as you age). Some of these topics

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Healthy Smiles: Dental implants can be a solution for a smile makeover

Before the development of dental implants, removable partial dentures or fixed bridges were the only alternatives to replacing a missing tooth or teeth. In some cases, implants can be used

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On the Pulse: Cancer center expansion under way

| Plus: New doctors, patient programs, health fairs, and botox to treat migraines | LAKELAND REGIONAL HEALTH is expanding and renovating its Cancer Center in response to increased demand for