Watson Clinic Only Facility in Area to Offer Groundbreaking PET/CT Imaging for Cardiac Patients

Lakeland, FL – Watson Clinic is the only medical facility in the area to offer the highly advanced imaging capabilities of the Siemens Biograph Vision™, a next-generation PET/CT scanner that produces cardiac imaging with greater efficiency, accuracy and less radiation exposure than ever before.

“By combining the best of two separate imaging systems – the PET and CT – we can provide valuable information that assists cardiologists in the detection of coronary artery disease. Our department relies upon the expertise of highly qualified nuclear technologists to provide the best quality imaging. The Siemens Biograph Vision™ helps us achieve a higher caliber of accuracy and imaging quality than ever before,” reports Milda Segui, CNMT, a Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Supervisor of Watson Clinic’s Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT department.

During a cardiac PET, the patient’s heart is imaged both before and after receiving a chemically induced stress test. The purpose of this test is to detect the presence of heart disease, poor or decreased blood flow to the heart, a potential blockage, damaged tissue, or reduced heart functionality. Typically, this process can take up to three hours to complete. Using the new cardiac PET/CT system, images are captured at unparalleled speed and clarity, allowing the test to be completed in under an hour.

In addition to the enhanced imaging resolution, the new system is equipped with artificial intelligence features that personalize each test to the patient’s specific body type. These features also counteract respiratory chest movement during image capture, and provide other benefits that ensure the most accurate diagnosis possible. The system is especially beneficial for patients with an elevated body mass index (BMI), dense chest tissue, and a higher morbidity risk from coronary artery disease (CAD).

The Siemens Biograph Vision™ PET/CT system is available for eligible patients who receive a referral from their Watson Clinic cardiologist.

For more information and to schedule an appointment with a member of the Watson Clinic Cardiology department, call 863-680-7490 or visit WatsonClinic.com/Cardiology.

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