Editor’s Dose: My tips if you plan to do a ‘staycation’


In my opinion, there’s nothing better than summer in Florida. You have the beaches, the theme parks, and of course, the sunshine to beckon you outdoors. For residents planning their vacations this season, there are just as many reasons to stay close to home as there are to get away. So how do you decide on a vacation versus “staycation”? With the price of gas and airline fees, a road trip or flight might prove a little burdensome on the budget. And furthermore, if you decide to stay, how do you make it special for you and your family? Here are two tips from a home-grown Florida resident to make your “staycation” special, should you choose to give it a try:


  1. Forget the familiar: visit a beach you’ve never been to. In my opinion, not all beaches are created equal, and Florida has plenty of exotic options! Do the research before you go and you won’t be disappointed.
  2. Go to the park: and by “park” I mean the Everglades National Park. Whether you crave hiking, boating, fishing, camping, or canoe and kayak trails, this national landmark is right next door and full of adventure.



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