Tips for Maintaining a Healthy, Youthful Look

Things have changed a lot since the days when the primary beauty treatments were hair styles, nails, and facials — although those are still part of mainstream beauty care.
These days, there are many ways to work on beauty as age progresses, and they appear to be quite popular.
Mark and Jeanna Parker, owners of Lakeland’s Bella Visage medical and aesthetic rejuvenation, advocate the right their clients have to look as beautiful as they can as they get older — and provide many options to help them realize that goal.
Mark Parker says many of the newer offerings can make a tremendous difference. “Injections probably started it. The biggest growth is in the laser technology .. women and men can remove 10 to 15 years of sun abuse and other abuses from their skin. The fastest growing segment of all medical aesthetics is feminine health and well-being. 
“From cancer patients to women who have gone through a very, very rough menopause, those issues can be dealt with on the inside. 
“Most of our clients who tend to stick with us believe in the concept of a little at a time. Meaning that we can work with them over the months and years, using inexpensive treatments and proper education to help them obtain their goals.
“One of the fastest-moving products we offer is a collagen supplement. We have actually turned people who have come in for injections away from the injections and into the collagen supplement. It’s less expensive and it lasts longer. Some of our biggest movers as far as services are the laser services for feminine health, fractional CO2 resurfacing, and good old-fashioned, basic facials,” says Parker.
While true beauty comes from within, many men and women are turning to procedures and other means to holding onto that youthful appearance.
“Our philosophy is by following a holistic and natural program, we can help almost every woman achieve their skin goals. Not only is it every woman’s right to look as young as she can for as long as she can, it’s every woman’s right to be able to get the services in their 20s if they choose.
 “We have a ton of millennials who are doing services as a preventative measure, instead of waiting until they are in their late 30s or 40s and trying to catch up.”
In addition to skin treatments, many women now can have their eyelashes enhanced to look younger. 
Cyn Cervantes Short, who operates Sinful Lashes by Cyn, is a certified lash stylist. “I’m a sole proprietor specializing in lashes, makeup and hair. I started out just doing makeup about 15 years ago,” she says. 
She takes care of clients of all types and ages, she says. “I have clients at both ends of the spectrum. I have the ones that are up with the latest trends and like to keep themselves looking fabulous, glamorous, and extra at all times.
“On the opposite end, I have the clients that one day looked in the mirror and realized that they didn’t recognize the person looking back at them anymore. They let themselves go,  and are on a quest to find something extra special to do for themselves.
“We all know that getting plenty of rest, drinking water, and working out regularly will help our overall appearance. Often times, what we are not told is that the older that we get, less is more.”
There are two services that you should keep up with when you are a woman of “a more interesting age,” she says. 

  1. Do not skip hair appointments. Keep up with touching up your grays. Work with your hair stylist on creating a look that works with your lifestyle.
  2. Lash extensions. “I have never seen another beauty service that instantly takes five to 10 years off of your face. It brings the focus and attention to your eyes — not the imperfections around it.”

More tips were provided by April Michelle Jaquez, a professional makeup artist who works with her husband, Nova, operating a central Florida company that provides hair, makeup, personal styling, photography, and videography.
“I firmly believe that everyone should do what truly makes them feel best,” she says. “I think it’s extremely valuable to keep up with ourselves no matter our age. If popping on a fierce red lip and an amazing set of lashes makes you feel best, that’s exactly what you should do.
“Being and feeling beautiful about oneself is very personal, but I personally believe when you look good, you feel good, and you do great.”
Her favorite tips and tricks to achieving a refreshed younger look:
* Keep your face clean. Be sure to wash makeup off every night, following it with a lightweight, nighttime moisturizer.
* Use an eye serum and lightly pat it on with fingertips before applying daily makeup — this really helps with puffiness around the eyes and also helps fight aging and wrinkles.
*Drink water. As simple as it sounds, we do not drink enough water on a daily routine. Drinking a gallon of water a day will make a huge change in your skin’s appearance.  A much clearer and vibrant glow all around. (This applies to men and women).

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