Tight Times for Health Care

The healthcare industry has always faced challenges, but the current staffing shortage is certainly one of the most formidable.

You may have heard rumblings, or maybe you wondered why your doctor’s appointment was moved. In fact, staff shortages can have a snowball effect on everything from shuffled appointments and longer wait times to more dire consequences like higher patient ratios, a larger chance for error, and increased burnout.

It’s important to understand the contributing factors that have left many providers struggling.

They include:

  • Aging population — both medical professionals and the population that needs care
  • Increased access to health care
  • Increased burnout in the wake of the pandemic
  • Skyrocketing demand fostered by population growth
  • Broken talent pipeline

The last component is something many of the colleges and universities around Central Florida have recognized and are actively tackling. Inside, you can learn about the latest partnership UCF has created with AdventHealth and Orlando Health to tackle the nursing shortage in particular.

Central Florida Media Group knows our partners throughout the healthcare industry are strapped for time and personnel. That’s why we created our Health Employment service to help match individuals looking for jobs in the medical/healthcare sector with potential employers. You can learn more about the service at centralfloridahealthnews.com/health-employment. 

The shortage affects everyone, so we’re all in this together. Thanks for reading, and God bless.

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