Dr. Gerald V. Cerdan

Three Reasons to Smile This Holiday Season

Since this is the Health & Beauty Edition and the holidays are up on us, let’s switch it up a bit and talk about how a beautiful smile can change how you look and feel for the better. It’s not uncommon for someone with a cracked tooth or yellow enamel to feel less than his or her best.
At Winter Haven Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, however, we have several services that will not only give you a confidence boost, but also help enhance your natural beauty!
If you aren’t proud of your smile, tend to shy away from cameras, or laugh or smile with your mouth closed, here are a few ideas that can help:
Our in-office one-hour whitening service is an excellent and efficient confidence booster for the holiday season. Don’t wait— it literally will only take one hour to transform your smile.
We also offer same-day CEREC crowns, which I talked about in my last column, but it is an incredible technology that will take your oral health to a whole new level and cure any holiday blues.
If chipped or stained teeth have you hiding from the camera, look to us for veneers. This cosmetic service is one of our office’s specialties, and it will help you reclaim your beautiful smile.
These are just a few examples of how our services and treatments could help enhance your natural beauty. Give yourself a gift this holiday season and enhance your smile by scheduling your appointment today. We are happy to help restore your teeth in a way that will make you happy and healthy. We have the skills and the technology to solve most dental issues. If you’ve been putting off getting that crown, stop delaying and call at 863-293-1108 to learn how we can help you.
This column is sponsored by Winter Haven Family & Cosmetic Dentistry and the opinions expressed herein may not reflect those of CFHN or of its advertisers.
BIO: Dr. Gerald V. Cerdan has been practicing dentistry in Winter Haven since 2007. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Florida Dental Association, the American Dental Association, and the Polk County Dental Association. The team at Winter Haven Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is committed to providing high-quality care for all their patients, and Dr. Cerdan is skilled in using cutting-edge technologies to give patients beautiful smiles they can be proud of. To schedule an appointment, visit WinterHavenFamilyDentistry.com or call 863-293-1108.

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