It Takes a Community to Heal A Warrior

The holiday season is a time of catching up with friends and family and spending time with loved ones. Unfortunately for many veterans suffering from PTSD and their families, it can be a challenging and stressful time of year.
According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, each day 22 veterans take their own lives. It is a growing problem throughout the country that Collaborative Psych & Med is dedicated to helping bring an end to. As part of our dedication to veterans suffering from PTSD, we work closely with Mission 22, an organization dedicated to fighting the war against veteran suicide. They provide treatment programs for veterans with PTSD as well as build memorials and raise national awareness. Kelly Wood, an administrator and Behavioral Health Case Manager for Collaborative Psych & Med, is a local ambassador for Mission 22 who supports fundraisers and events throughout Florida.
Additionally, for every health evaluation we give to a veteran, we automatically donate $22 to Mission 22 to help take a proactive role in letting our veterans and their families know they have an army behind them. Every Friday, our staff wears red to show support and solidarity for our current troops and veterans. It is a small action that reminds us of the sacrifices our men and women of the armed forces have made and make daily to preserve our freedom.
Veteran suicide impacts thousands every year, including friends and family. We can all take a more proactive role in helping and assisting those who sacrificed so much for us. If you would like to learn more about Mission 22 and the work that they do, donate, or are interested in becoming an ambassador, visit
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