Editor’s Dose: Take a little personal time

As moms, we often find ourselves putting our needs on the backburner in order to take care of the people that matter most to us.  I find this fact to also be true in dads, especially my husband.  He doesn’t like to draw attention to himself or things that might be bothering him.  He just keeps moving forward, diligently and silently “taking care of business” and making sure all the needs of his family are met.  There’s a danger, however, in taking the sacrificial route too far.  The risk is that you can fall into this pit of “do-do-do” or “go-go-go” while forgetting about the things that help you recharge your batteries.

I try to remind my husband (without sounding like a mother hen), that it’s okay to take time for himself.  It’s good for a man to get out on the golf course every now and then, but oftentimes, it gets pushed aside by that long list of “things to do.”

If your husband, father, uncle, brother, or friend is one of those men who’s more likely to keep putting aside a little personal time for everything else that’s screaming to get done, be the person to help him remember that it’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes.  If you’re thinking of your spouse while you’re reading this, ask yourself, “What did he like to do before we got married and had kids?”  Maybe he doesn’t practice those hobbies because his interests have changed (which can happen).  Or, maybe he’s gotten so wrapped-up in all the hustle and bustle of family life that he keeps putting those hobbies on the backburner.  Don’t let him.  Even if he resists at first, he will thank you for it later.  Happy Father’s Day to all the great men out there who are the strength and support of their families!

Celeste Jo WallsEditor

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