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Patient tracking and follow-up

What you don’t know about the threat to continuity of care can hurt you LAPSES IN PATIENT CARE, including follow-up, can lead to dire consequences beyond those to patient well-being. Substantial malpractice settlements and verdicts have been paid as a result of “lost” diagnostic reports and physicians’ failure to review and follow up.

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Ask a Physician Who Knows! — Understanding your medical records

1. What is a medical record? Every time you see a medical health provider, a record is kept of what transpired during the visit. These records are kept by physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare providers. The record contains your identifying information, medical history, medication and prescription lists, vitals, and results of testing, as

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Legal risks of going paperless

  Electronic medical records are meant to save time and money, but they also can create liability issues for doctors. Reprinted with permission from American Medical News. Copyright © 2012 American Medical Association. All rights reserved. Defense attorney Catherine J. Flynn knows how electronic medical records can overwhelm — and often change — the course

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