Run, act, jump – repeat

How actress Tanna Frederick fits exercise into a busy schedule Keeping fit requires commitment. Just ask actress Tanna Frederick. She’ll finish one interview, hop on the elliptical for a brief workout and head to yet another interview and another workout. She makes sure she gets the workouts in, no matter how busy she is, and

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Exercise on the brain

How to keep your mind in shape You’ve heard the expression “use it or lose it.” The advice is especially pertinent for adults in their 40s and beyond. That’s because our brains begin to shrink at that age, points out Dr. Herminio Cuervo, a Lakeland neurologist and Polk County Medical Association member. “It’s just like

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Workout mistakes to avoid

Follow these tips to maximize your exercise routine When we exercise to lose weight, we may overlook an important weight-loss strategy: Food. “If we don’t eat, we decrease our workout or exercise potential,” says Marc A. Boults, a doctor of physical therapy and certified athletic trainer at Lakeland Regional Medical Center. For short workouts that

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