Get Healthy, STAT! Fifteen to life


The minutes of daily exercise that could reduce risk of death in inactive people by 14 percent.

Source: Study of 400,000 people, National Research Institutes of Taiwan


“Physical activity and exercise has shown to prevent occurrences of cardiac events, strokes, and many chronic diseases.  It is never too late to become active as several studies have shown the same benefits even in those who become physically active later in life.  Physical exercise benefits cardiovascular and respiratory function as it increases maximal oxygen uptake and decreases heart rate and blood pressure.  It reduces total body fat, insulin needs and resting heart rate.   It also has psychological benefits such as decreasing anxiety and depression, improving wellbeing, and increasing performance at work as well as during sports and recreational activities. It also aids with physical function needed to remain independent when elderly.” 


Belinda Rieger OTR/L CHT MBA

Director of Rehab Services, Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center: 40100 US Highway 27 in Davenport




Number of Americans, in millions, uninsured for more than a year as of 2010.

Source: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Health Interview Study 2010


“There is a growing challenge to provide health care for the ever-increasing number of uninsured residents. These individuals face many barriers in trying to see primary care providers in an outpatient setting. Often, they seek care at emergency rooms, which leads to more expensive and less effective care. Unemployment is one reason that people lack health insurance. Without the benefits provided through an employer, many residents cannot afford the premiums associated with health insurance. In Polk County 11.3 percent were unemployed as of October 11.”


Dr. Daniel Haight, MD, FACP

Director of the Polk County Health Department: 1290 Golfview Avenue in Bartow

Quote source: Based on the 2010 Forces of Change Report at and unemployment statistics published in The Lakeland Ledger.


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