Reason to say ‘Cheese’

Technological advances and affordability give local patients more options in dental care DIANNE TANNER was wearing dentures at 21. Her family couldn’t afford regular dental visits when she was growing up — and her teeth suffered. By the time she was working and able to afford it, she was ready for false teeth. The “regular …

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Word of Mouth: The warnings of sensitive teeth

Any doctor or dentist will tell you that pain is a warning sign your body is sending to tell you something is amiss. Tooth sensitivity is no different. The sharp, quick pain you feel when you eat or drink something cold or hot is a warning sign to see your dentist.

PCMA Letter: Here to help you live a safe and healthy life

AS PHYSICIANS, we understand that healthy lifestyle choices are key to a long and fruitful life. It’s important to look at all aspects of your daily health routine, including how you care for your teeth. That is why, in this edition of Central Florida Health News, we focus on several oral health-related topics.

Publisher’s Note: Update on Florida Health Choices

In early March, became live.  It is the website devoted to Florida Health Choices (the state’s health insurance marketplace, separate from the federal plans under the Affordable Care Act). The state’s health insurance marketplace offers a few options for discounted plans under dental, vision, telemedicine, and prescription coverage.  It’s important to note that this …

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