Publisher’s Note: Reserve space now for the 2016 Central Florida Physicians Directory & Medical Professionals Guide


YES, IT’S THAT time again! We are preparing for the 2016 Central Florida Physicians Directory & Medical Professionals Guide! This directory is the most comprehensive database of physicians in our region, and it is an easy-to-use tool for when a referral is needed. In response to the directory, we’ve had physicians and medical staff alike tell us it’s their first “go-to source for all local referrals.”

Each physician in the area, which we have record of, receives a basic free listing, which means the physician’s name and one phone number is listed under his or her primary specialty. Any physician can choose to order a listing with more detail, and also include a photo or logo. But now is the time to elect how you want your listing presented in the directory.

To meet the demand of our growing industry in the region, we will publish the 2016 directory in November. That means, in order for you to get your listing enhanced the way you’d like, you need to contact us now. As you’re reading this, we are already updating the 2016 database, so this is your call to action.

To get more information about how your listing can include all your referral information, contact us at (863) 248-7537 or email any of us with questions:

David Kiessling:

Yolanda Davis:



Nelson Kirkland is publisher of Central Florida Doctor magazine. He may be reached by e-mail at

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