Editor’s Dose: A preview of what’s inside

This edition holds a few unique distinctions from its predecessors that I’d like to share with you. First, we have a guest contributing author who currently serves on the advisory board for the National RX Drug Abuse Summit. Dr. Gayathri Dowling, Ph.D. also holds the position of Branch Chief of the Science Policy Branch in the Office of Science Policy and Communications at the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Dr. Dowling helps to inform a variety of audiences on the topic of drug abuse in America, and we’re pleased to have her contribute to this edition.

Equally as important (and certainly linked to drug abuse in some cases) is the topic of medication adherence. We have an extensive article on how physicians and medical staff can help improve health outcomes by educating patients on the importance of following the prescribed treatment plan. Local physician and Polk County Medical Association member, Dr. Sergio Seoane, has provided some insightful commentary for this topic on page 20.

Zooming-in on community news, our On the Pulse article this month brings you valuable updates on all the changes happening in the local medical profession; and we’ve extended the “support groups and classes” listing of our calendar so you can use that as a referral tool for patients.

Thanks for reading Central Florida Doctor, and as always, my door is open if you have questions, feedback, or commentary to add.




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