Pharmacy celebrates 52 years of service


Efficiency at its Best with Five Pharmacies in One

Over half a century’s worth of caring for the community and surrounding area is what the Mulberry Pharmacy has accomplished and is continuing with expansion of services.

As the owner since 1960, Jerold Slaughter reflects, “When I was in high school my very first job was working in a drug store at the soda fountain counter.” From that experience as a young man, Slaughter has made a life’s pursuit from this profession.

Jerold is now co-owner with his son Thomas Slaughter, and both men have served the community through the years with applied technology, precision, and sincere passion for providing quality pharmaceutical service. Furthermore, they both give their personal care and attention to the everyday operation of the business. From greeting customers to filling prescriptions and checking to see that all of their exceptionally high standards are being carried out is, to name a few, some of their top priorities.

As you walk through the front door of the pharmacy you feel the family atmosphere and compassion that all employees have for their patrons, of whom they address as friends and neighbors.

  The Mulberry Pharmacy has unique character with five separate pharmacies rolled into one:

  • State-of-the-art compounding division for producing individualized drugs;
  • Long-term care division for supplying to assisted living homes;
  • Retail department;
  • IV infusion department;
  • And sterile room where all medicine and every piece of equipment is sterilized and inspected by the state.


With these services, Mulberry Pharmacy is proud to be a sanctuary of confidence for those who value personal care and the convenience of a fully equipped facility.

“Ten years ago our building was about 450 square feet, and now with the expansion of services, we have grown to approximately 7000 square feet,” explains Slaughter. With the variety of pharmaceutical services added over the years, expansion was an absolute necessity.

Another satisfying attribute of the store is that, unlike some of the major franchises, they have an in-house billing department. “When you call with questions about your bill you are actually talking to someone at this location and not someone way off that doesn’t care,” Slaughter says.

The pharmacy has seven full-time pharmacists on duty at all times. Stopping and taking time to talk to customers with questions and concerns about their prescriptions is something that the pharmacists welcome.

The Mulberry Pharmacy is a member of Professional Compounders of America, which gives them access to an additional 17 doctorates of pharmacy and supplementary chemists secured with their PhDs.

Making prescriptions for animals is another division you will find at the Mulberry Pharmacy. From pills to creams and flavoring sardines, helping your four-footed friend or family member is equally as important to the staff.

Giving accurate and competitive pricing are all services the father and son team strive to do. Slaughter states, “We take care of all our customers as if they are our friends. We treat every prescription as if we are filling it for a member of our family.”



photography and story by DALE BLISS


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