Beatrice Celian

Minorities are at a Higher Risk for Heart Health Problems

Did you know that your race or ethnicity can put you at higher risk for having heart problems later in life? Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is still the number one cause of American deaths, with certain ethnicities taking a higher toll than others.

According to the American Heart Association:

● Non-hispanic blacks are nearly twice as likely to have a first stroke as white Americans, and much more likely for a stroke to be their cause of death.
● High blood pressure, a leading risk and factor into CVD, is much more prevalent in some racial groups, especially non-Hispanic blacks. In addition, non-Hispanic blacks and Mexican-American women have a higher rate of obesity, another risk factor.

In addition, according to the U.S. Census in 2007, more than half of the uninsured are people of color. Here at Central Florida Health Care, Inc., our centers serve all who seek our care regardless of ability to pay. We accept third-party private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, county-specific plans, and select managed care plans. We can also use a sliding scale fee based on income. This scale is developed using the federal poverty guidelines released annually.

It’s important to recognize what factors in your life may put you at a greater disposition for heart disease or a stroke, and though race isn’t something that may come to mind as a factor at first, it can play a very big role in how your body deals with trauma. Be aware of your body, and let our medical team at Central Florida Health Care, Inc. help you.

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Beatrice Aime Celian, MD is a general practice physician with Central Florida Health Care, Inc. She proudly serves patients from the Haines City location. To make an appointment with Dr. Celian, or any Central Florida Health Care, Inc. medical providers, call (866) 234-8534.

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