Dr. Gerald V. Cerdan

Dental Care Reminders for Patients with Heart Conditions or History of Stroke

If you or a loved one struggles with heart disease, you probably already know that it has a big impact on your life.  You may not have realized, however, that it also influences your dental care. Certain heart conditions can cause physical changes in your mouth.  Medications prescribed by your heart doctor can also influence your oral health, plus they may interact with medications your dentist wants to give you.  It’s good to consider the role your heart condition plays in your oral health.

  • Angina treated with calcium channel blockers can cause gum overgrowth.  You may need surgery to control this problem.
  • A stroke can reduce your ability to produce adequate saliva.  If this is the case, we may recommend agents to help stimulate more saliva production. A stroke may also affect the face, tongue, and dominant hand and arm, impairing your ability to brush and floss properly.
  • Several medications can cause dry mouth, including the diuretics given to treat heart failure and those given to treat high blood pressure.
  • Some anesthesia products contain epinephrine, which may need to be avoided for some people with high blood pressure.  Epinephrine can cause cardiovascular changes, such as an increase in blood pressure, angina, arrhythmia, and even heart attack.  It should be used with caution.

Everything in the body is connected, so it’s always important to consider how one condition can affect other systems in the body.  If you or your loved one has a heart condition, be sure to let your dentist know. That’s the best way to make sure you are getting the proper care that won’t interfere with your heart treatments.  At Winter Haven Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we take the time to learn about your overall health so that we can treat you with the personalized care you deserve. Call us today to schedule your next checkup: 863-293-1108.

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