Merry & Bright

December brings some of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Unfortunately, it can also bring more stress because it’s Open Enrollment time for ACA marketplace health plans. Don’t fret! Check out the primer in this edition of Central Florida Health News

This is our Health and Beauty edition, so inside we take a look at some of the evolving trends in cosmetic procedures. We sat down with Watson Clinic’s Dr. Raam Lakhani, who specializes in facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology, to talk about what shifts he is seeing in requested procedures and what he thinks may be driving the change.

Our Pop Quiz takes a closer look at some of the skin care practices that are gaining traction thanks to their prevalence on social media and YouTube. You may be surprised how risky and ill-advised some of these popular trends can be!

Don’t miss Dr. Joy Jackson’s Medical Advice article where she shares great tips for staying grounded and keeping the stress of the holidays from affecting your health. 

There’s even more to enjoy inside, so settle in! On behalf of the Polk County Medical Association, I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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