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Dr. Michelle Henne is Giving Back to the Community Through Her Sports Medicine Expertise

Michelle Henne, MD, CAQSM, is making a difference in the field of sports medicine. She has spent time providing medical services to the LPGA, the Kissimmee FireFrogs, the Washington Nationals, and numerous other athletic organizations. She was raised in Melbourne, Florida, and came to Winter Haven to open a sports medicine clinic. We recently had a chance to talk with Dr. Henne to learn a little bit more about her.
Dr. Henne left Melbourne for Tampa to do her undergraduate work at the University of South Florida. She had always been a person who loved helping others, so a career in medicine seemed like a natural fit. She now operates a clinic in Winter Haven, where she sees patients of all ages. Pediatric patients come in for joint pain, athletes come in for injuries, and older patients suffering from arthritis or other joint issues come to Dr. Henne for her compassionate care. The clinic, Relevè Sports Medicine, also provides team physician services for several local schools: Frostproof and Fort Meade High Schools, All Saints Academy, and Webber International University.
When Dr. Henne was in medical school, one of her biggest influencers was Dr. Eric Coris. Dr. Henne followed in Dr. Coris’ footsteps by becoming a non-surgical sports medicine orthopedic doctor. “He has an excellent bedside manner,” Dr. Henne recalls of Dr. Coris. “He connects with his patients really well. He has a practice of people who will not leave him.” Dr. Coris tended to the student athletes at USF during the seven years that Dr. Henne spent attending the school. This made a positive impact on Dr. Henne, and she works to emulate that sense of connection with her own patients and staff.
From cheering on the team at college football games to working with athletes on the sidelines in a medical capacity, Dr. Henne became a big fan of sports medicine thanks in large part to the inspiration of Dr. Coris. His dedication and quality of care set an excellent example for the young Dr. Henne.
After completing her training in Tampa, Dr. Henne worked for some time in Orlando. She noticed that many patients were coming from other areas for treatment. “I was surprised by the number of people coming to Orlando for specialized care,” she says. This inspired her to open her clinic in Winter Haven, where her husband, Carter, is from. She now sees patients from Polk, Hardee, and Highlands Counties.
Working with the school system in Polk County, Dr. Henne believes there is a need for more athletic trainers in the schools. She has been working with public officials, private corporations, and charter schools to bring on more athletic trainers to promote the health and safety of all children in the district.
One thing that sets Dr. Henne apart in her practice is her use of ultrasound guidance when giving injections. The benefit of ultrasound guidance is that it gives her greater control over where exactly the injection is going, with decreased use of radiation as opposed to fluoroscopy. It is a quick procedure that involves minimal pain. Ultrasound guidance for injections allows Dr. Henne to target the spot where the needle needs to go with great accuracy and effectiveness, making for an overall better treatment for the patient.
Another tool in Dr. Henne’s toolbox of care is a procedure called “platelet-rich plasma therapy.” It is a process which takes the patient’s blood and centrifuges it in order to extract the plasma, which contains the platelets. This blood product can then be used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Osteoarthritis and injuries are just two conditions which can be treated with platelet-rich plasma. This process was first used with professional sports, but it has now migrated into the range of treatment options available to the general public.
Dr. Henne is new to the Polk County area but is already in love. She enjoys caring for patients in Winter Haven and looks forward to the opportunity to connect with more local health care providers. She feels it is important to have a network of associates she feels comfortable referring her patients to. Dr. Henne’s passion for making an impact on those around her is apparent and infectious, and she has the necessary skills to make our community a better place.

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