On the horizon for the medical community

| Polk County Medical Association to focus on new events and educational programs in 2015 |

THE POLK COUNTY Medical Association (PCMA) is gearing up for 2015 with several events in development, Executive Director Jackie Courtney reports. The first scheduled event is set for February 5 and will feature a lecture on emerging infectious diseases, including the Ebola virus. The disease struck West Africa in 2014, with 11,775 laboratory-confirrmed cases and 6,900 confirmed deaths in that area, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The United States has seen four cases to date.

The lecture also will focus on other emerging diseases, including MRSA. “That’s for the doctors, so they’re more aware of the current situation and treatments,” Courtney explains.

One major focus of this year’s PCMA events will be health issues that affect the Polk County area specifically, Courtney points out. These types of classes will include CPR training and more. “As always, we want to focus on community health,” Courtney adds.

“The PCMA wants to focus on providing events that educate physicians, as well,” Courtney states; those include lectures on “Scope of Practice” and what physicians should or shouldn’t do based on their training and licensing.

The PCMA also has plans to create other useful events for physicians to draw in more members. “Our goal is to focus on adding value for our membership — as well as getting new membership and getting stronger,” Courtney states.

This is an important time to focus on such goals, according to Courtney, with all of the changes coming to the healthcare system because of the Affordable Care Act. To the PCMA, it’s important that the medical community “stays together for the good of the patients.”

The PCMA will continue to develop its events for 2015 around the themes of community and physician education. “We’re emphasizing community health, educating physicians, and joining physicians together,” Courtney says.

The PCMA is made up of doctors of medicine and doctors of osteopathic medicine from the Polk County area. Recognized as a part of the Florida Medical Association and the American Medical Association, it advocates for physicians, patients, and public health.



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