Have a Heart Healthy Holiday

Though we love this time of year, it can be pretty stressful. Crazy schedules. Financial strain. Less time for exercise.  Studies have shown that cardiac events such as heart attacks and strokes peak during the holiday season.

A number of factors are thought to be responsible, but a major one is that normal routines are disrupted during the holidays, leading to a significant increase in stress. Since we know that’s not on your wish list, here are a few things to remember:

If you have time off, use it to really be off. Put the phone down. Try having a silent night a few times a week. Spend time with loved ones. Pray. Reflect on this season of miracles. Also: It’s absolutely essential to get enough sleep.

Tis the Season. For eating. Everything. Let’s face it, treats in the office breakroom, special dinners, and neighborhood parties… you can overindulge before you realize it. The key to limiting stress on your heart is to keep things simple. 

If you feel unwell, don’t delay seeking medical attention, no matter the time of year or what you may have scheduled. Symptoms of a cardiac event can include chest pain or discomfort; shortness of breath; dizziness or passing out; nausea or vomiting; extreme fatigue; lightheadedness; pain in the jaw, neck or back; or pain in the shoulder or arm. 

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