Editor’s Dose: Getting your feet wet


When it comes to the Internet pool, it’s not always easy to just jump in and swim, especially when you’re interested in a topic like health, which is as broad as any ocean and as deep as any sea.

At Central Florida Health News however, we’ve got the tools to help you get your digital feet wet with print and online resources. This magazine is just the tip of the iceberg when dealing with health in our community and living a healthy lifestyle. So to complement this publication, you have her digital sister at your fingertips: www.CentralFloridaHealthNews.com.

When you’ve read something in this issue and you’re hungry for more, go to our website and discover other ways to fill up on healthy knowledge. We’ve got articles, blogs, videos, pictures, a calendar, a job board, physicians directory and much more.

For this inaugural edition, it wasn’t hard to select the features to publish. The month of April is a triple A for the health community, as it is National Autism Awareness month, Alcohol Awareness month, and in Florida, many allergens plague our sinuses and senses. Besides the cover stories though, I think you will particularly enjoy the feature on page 29 about healthy ways to handle unwanted advice; on page 14, we’ve got some great insights on Intra-Ocular Lens technology; and on page 24 you can zoom in on some health events that you might have missed in your community.

Once you’ve swum around in the pages of this edition and gotten your digital feet wet online, I encourage you to e-mail or write to me. We want to hear from you, because you deserve a publication that delivers time-sensitive, relevant health material. So jump in, enjoy a swim, and tell us what you think. The water’s fine!


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