Associate Publisher’s Column: The business of health and you


I’d like to join our Publisher and Polk County Medical Association (PCMA) President in welcoming you to the first edition of Central Florida Health News (CFHN) magazine. The partnership between Central Florida Media Group (CFMG) and the PCMA will serve medical professionals as well as consumers. You’ll see locally focused coverage on topics like technology, nutrition, fitness, and general wellness.

Polk County is in the middle of Florida’s vibrant life science’s sector, and employs over 25,000 people. The area boasts the fifth largest hospital in the state, and five other major hospitals and clinics, all located within an hour of Tampa and Orlando. So to say that the medical industry is a major local economic driver is not an exaggeration.

CFHN is here to bridge the gap between this large medical community and the consumer, and we’ll do so by providing resources to maintain a healthier lifestyle, new medical advancements, and provide help to find the best care for families. One example of these advancements can be found in the process for keeping medical records.

The use of medical records goes back as far as the days of Hippocrates in fifth century B.C. With today’s technology however, we have Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems that provide additional functionality, such as interactive alerts to clinicians and tailored order sets, which cannot be done with paper-based systems, according to the National Institute of Health National Center for Research Resources.

In Polk County, EHR systems are now uniform in hospital emergency rooms with the anticipation for all five Polk hospitals expecting to be using EHR systems hospital-wide in the very near future. This advancement – among many others – is being implemented to serve the consumer better.

At CFMG, we want to keep you informed of the medical advancements and topics that could result in saving a life, keeping you healthy, and making the proper medical care more accessible. We hope you enjoy this magazine and subscribe, because your health is worth it.


BIO: Mike Johnson comes from 11 years in publishing as the former Ad Director and Publisher of Orlando Weekly. Mike is a member of the Lakeland Runners Club and also enjoys cycling, swimming, triathlons, yoga, and spending time outdoors with family. Mike resides with his wife Shannon, who is a certified personal trainer, and their two children in Central Florida.




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