Family Health: It’s time for back-to-school physicals

THE ARRIVAL of summer means it’s time for your child’s back-to-school physical. Since classes in Polk County public schools begin August 24, now is the perfect time to make your appointment at Pediatric Partners in Winter Haven.

Annual physicals are an essential part of your child’s well being. It gives your pediatrician the opportunity to make sure they are current on their immunizations and fit for school and extracurricular sports. In Polk County, all kindergarteners and new entries must provide a physical form completed by their provider within the last year at the time of enrollment. Children who are currently enrolled are not necessarily required to have annual physicals, but it is highly recommended.

Back-to-school physicals also require you to provide immunizations records. Certain grade levels require various immunizations. For example, all children entering kindergarten must have received vaccinations recommended for four-year-olds the prior year. Additionally, all children entering seventh grade should have had their TDAP and Menactra shots the prior year. The providers at Pediatric Partners can clarify exactly what is needed for the upcoming school year.

In Polk County, sports participation requires an annual physical that is completed after June 1 of that same year. Your child will be screened for concerns such as prior injuries or concussions that might pose dangers for the young athlete, and your provider will complete a sports and camps physical form that your child will present prior to joining the team.

Though you and your child have a full summer of fun ahead of you, back-to-school physical appointments fill up fast. Call Pediatric Partners at 863-293-2144 or visit us online at to schedule your child’s appointment today.

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column by DR. NORAH M. SMITH

BIO: Dr. Norah M. Smith is a pediatrician with Pediatric Partners in Winter Haven, Florida. Dr. Smith graduated from Pennsylvania Medical College and has been practicing medicine for 13 years. Previously, she practiced medicine at a community health center in Orlando, caring for uninsured individuals and families.

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