Collaborative Psychology and Medicine

What happens when you get a few people around a table who are looking for a way to make a difference? They begin to think of others who they have known and/or lived within their lives. They begin to talk about those that are in different types of pain and how they might be able to take their own
life experiences and help those that are not able to help themselves. Imagine that each one of those people feels a strong need to find a way to help those in psychological distress.
One such group with mental health, medical, social, care management, pharmacy experience, and training had such a meeting. They discovered that each one of them had a burning desire to make a difference by trying innovative approaches to improving the lives of those with suicidal thoughts. They consider those who have served the country and as a result, are suffering from frightening Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
They feel determined to help those with the frightening life-altering symptoms of dementia. They talked about the common thread of hopelessness and helplessness in these people from their own lives and those they are yet to meet.  Collaborative Psych and Med (CPM) was formed by this small group of people with similar drive and desire to improve the lives of seniors and others in need.
CPM brings their skills and the determination to these people to work with their primary care doctors and their families and caregivers. They decided to re-initiate the “House Call” by bringing the services to where the people live. This kind of treatment reduces falls, reduces hospital admissions,  reduces unnecessary medications, and enhances their quality of life.
CPM is determined to bring hope and a better life by working collaboratively with those that most need our help.  For more information, call (855)
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