PCMA Letter: ‘Change’ is in the air

Many changes have been occurring in healthcare. This has resulted in changes to many practices and organizations. In the past few months we have learned that Winter Haven Hospital has joined the Baycare network. Lakeland Regional Medical Center has joined USF. Moffitt Cancer Center has aligned with UF. Many in the community are wondering how these developments will affect people in Polk County.
In this issue of Central Florida Doctor, CEO of USF Health answers important questions regarding how USF will help Polk County and some of the changes that will occur. In addition, there is an article regarding how to help office staff members adapt to change quickly and efficiently. With all the change already happening, certainly it is essential to make sure that all employees and professionals involved can make the change work for the good of the community’s overall health.
There are also many changes happening within your Polk County Medical Association. We recently enjoyed the 2nd Annual Casino Night fundraiser. The PCMA would like to thank all of the individuals and organizations who took part in sponsorship, as well as all those who attended the event. As one of the attendees, I can personally say what a wonderful time it was, and I know it will make a big difference for providing quality healthcare to uninsured residents of Polk County.
The PCMA also held our President’s Installation Dinner on November 8 at the Sun ’N Fun Museum in Lakeland. Please review our updated list of officers and board of trustees. For questions about how you can become involved at the PCMA for your community, please contact Executive Director Jackie Courtney at (863) 644-4051.
As always, the Polk County Medical Association strives to provide you with information and resources, which will equip you with the power that only knowledge can provide.
Arvind B. Soni, M.D.
Radiation Oncologist at Lakeland Regional Cancer Center
Vice President, Polk County Medical Association

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