Addressing the rising cost of prescriptions for seniors

American Seniors Association aligns with Rx Claim Savings to offer program

THE AMERICAN SENIORS ASSOCIATION (ASA) has entered into an alliance with Rx Claims Savings, LLC. (RxCS) that is expected to help many of its members save money on some 60,000 prescription medications.

Paul Cornell, CEO of the American Seniors Association, says there are many positives about the plan. “This program could not be more timely, as America’s senior population starts to feel the pinch from rising prescription drug costs,” he states. “By answering a few easy questions, our members could save thousands of dollars and improve their quality of life — which is our first priority always.”

The programs have already helped more than a million people lower the costs of medications and high out-of-pocket costs to individuals and families across the country.

ASA, through RxCS, is offering a unique “turnkey” program where all members that enter into ASA’s Rx Medication Savings Plan will receive a thorough medication consultation. The service provides a free, personalized medication cost analysis of prices on all prescription medications.

For qualifying ASA members, the group will identify pharmaceutical manufacturer Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) to determine patient eligibility and complete necessary enrollment and administrative duties. There are no eligibility guidelines.

Susan Bauer, a recent participant in the program, says it is saving her a great deal of money. “I was paying over $521 a month for my medications and I am on a fixed income. After talking with a representative of Rx Claims Savings, they offered me a program I could afford and saved me $421 a month,” Bauer shares.

The program’s primary purpose is to offer a solution for consumers like Susan Bauer — who face the reality of sacrificing healthcare needs because of financial restrictions.

ASA’s Patient Advocates will work directly with everyone concerned to price, shop, and compare the prescription medications of ASA members and offer the best available price.

Healthcare costs have been climbing for years, and the increases in healthcare prices have prompted some to make difficult decisions about prescription medications. This is especially true in regard to the impact on people who live on a fixed income.

Chuck Diller, managing member of Rx Claims Savings, says the program is sorely needed, and will help many senior citizens who are caught in what is known as the “donut hole.” Most seniors on plans with Medicare prescriptions have a coverage gap, he shares.

“Once a senior’s drug plan has spent a certain amount of money for covered drugs, the senior will have to pay all costs out-of-pocket for his or her Rx prescription medications up to a yearly limit,” Diller elaborates. “The additional expenditure puts many seniors in a dire situation, whether to take their life-sustaining medications, or place food on their tables.”

“I am very pleased to be aligned with the American Seniors Association,” Diller continues, “and our ASA Medication Savings Plan will provide much-needed relief for lowering the costs of medications to many families across the nation, including our nation’s elderly population. Our alliance with the American Seniors Association could not have come at a better time.”

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article by MARY TOOTHMAN

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