A PEAK Annual Wellness Visit Preserves Youth

Are you living your best life? Staying youthful? Part of living your best life is taking care of business, health-wise. We’ve all come to know our responsibility is visiting the doctor for our regular appointments, like the yearly physical.  Now you MUST add the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) to the Yearly Physical for optimal health.
The Peak AWV must become an essential part of your healthcare routine because this visit, in addition to your yearly physical, provides detailed reporting of how you are doing health-wise, and what changes, if any, need to be made to keep you in tip-top shape. The PEAK AWV produces a detailed report to allow you to share information with other providers enabling fully informed care which is well coordinated.  It also identifies gaps in care (cancer screens and immunizations) and vulnerabilities (fall risk due to weakness or unsafe home environment, along with early dementia).
This information is powerful and helps you to avoid hospitalizations by detecting points of hazard in your life – falling risks and precursors to disease, for example. Hospitalizations can be decreased by as much as 40% by taking the time to have an Annual Wellness Visit performed.
If you do not have a comprehensive Annual Wellness Visit written report to read and share with others, you did not have the Annual Wellness Visit.
A Yearly Physical (done by your doctor) + the Annual Wellness Visit (done by Peak AWC) is the most Comprehensive Health Evaluation seniors have available today.
The PEAK AWV is covered by Part B, Traditional Medicare, so there is no out-of-pocket expenses to worry about.
Annual Wellness Visits put the power of control over your health in your hands. You’ll get a complete picture of your well-being, with real tips that you can implement in your life. Take control of your health. There is no reason NOT to get a AWV done. If you haven’t had one done yet, call us today to schedule yours. Start living your best life now!
About the Doctor: Dr. Jeff Epstein is Board Certified in Geriatric Medicine and Internal Medicine. He is passionate about helping seniors stay healthy so they can maintain a high-quality lifestyle. Dr. Epstein has practiced General Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine for 20 years before transitioning to a role as Hospital Medical Director and Physician Advisor in 2011. Peak AWC was founded to provide Annual Wellness Visit to seniors and empower them to avoid vulnerabilities that could cause great harm. It is the goal of Dr. Epstein and Peak AWC to provide better care at a lower cost by focusing on keeping individuals healthy and out of the hospital.

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