You Never Outgrow a Healthy Lifestyle

Florida has long been known as an ideal place for seniors. Great weather, no state income tax, and an abundance of top healthcare resources make the Sunshine State more than ideal. 

In this Senior Health edition of Central Florida Health News, we address issues that may be more relevant to our aging population. After all, the Polk County Medical Association wants to help make your golden years even brighter!  

Exercise is important regardless of your age, but it’s especially crucial for seniors. This is because regular exercise can help control diabetes, increase flexibility and stamina, and even improve balance. How much exercise is enough? What type is recommended? In our Edition Feature, BayCare’s Dr. Robert Atkins and Watson Clinic’s Dr. Jason Saylor answer these questions and offer some simple guidelines for physical activity.

Inside, we also talk to Dr. Aryn Harrison Bush, a research professor and co-director of the USF Optimal Aging & Brain Health Research Laboratory, to learn more the difference between occasional forgetfulness and memory lapses that could indicate more significant health problems. 

Don’t forget to read the Community Health Feature in which we talk with Central Florida Health Care’s Julie Dicanio, APRN, about the best ways to mitigate the effect stress has on our health. 

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