Word of Mouth: The importance of being earnest about flossing

Flossing likely is not your favorite part of your oral routine, but it’s necessary for tip-top oral health. Flossing reaches spots between your teeth that your toothbrush just can’t get. It removes food and plaque that can lead to more serious oral issues — like tartar and cavities, just for starters — so the American Dental Association recommends that you floss at least once a day. Make an effort to get flossing into your daily oral care routine.

There are many different options to choose from, so find the one that works best for you. There is standard flossing string that is wound between two fingers, prethreaded flossers, dental picks, and more. Flossing should not be painful, so talk with your dentist about the best flossing choice for your comfort and oral health. Furthermore, you also need to floss your children’s teeth until they are able to do so properly on their own.

While the most important thing is to take the time to floss at least once a day, there is a “right way.” First, slide the floss gently in the gap between two teeth. Wrap the floss along the side of one tooth, making a semicircle with the floss against the tooth. Slide the floss up the tooth to the gum line so it is between the tooth and your gums. Then, gently move the floss up and down the tooth. Repeat this process with each side of every tooth, making sure to get the back of your last set of molars.

Your dentist is an excellent resource when it comes to the ways and means of flossing, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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BIO: Dr. William Nerestant received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the University of Detroit/Mercy School of Dentistry in Michigan. After serving and being recognized for his meritorious service in the U.S. Air Force as an officer in the Dental Corps, he currently serves patients at Midtown Dental in Lakeland. For more information, visit www.mymidtowndental.com or call (863) 226-0987.

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