Top Docs Feature: Q&A with Delanie and Gordon Watson

Patients talk with CFHN about their healthcare provider, Dr. Japinder Singh

“MY HUSBAND was very, very sick when I met him,” says Delaine Watson. Gordon had all manner of problems with his spleen and gallbladder, hernias — even throat cancer. A Vietnam veteran, he’d also been exposed to Agent Orange.

After ongoing, poor experiences with prior doctors, the couple turned to Dr. Japinder Singh for help. He had come highly recommended by other doctors in Lakeland. “He needed a good doctor so he could continue to live,” she says. “He had so many medical problems, and he needed time to heal.”

She had spent considerable time around doctors while working as a nurse in New York, so she knew immediately they had found a special physician the first time they came in to see Dr. Singh at his northside clinic in Lakeland.

Central Florida Health News (CFHN): What set Dr. Singh apart?

Delanie Watson: He called us in and went over every single thing, and put it all in the computer. Dr. Singh took very special care of him; he took him right underneath his wing.

He let Gordon know he was there for him. He said he needed to come every six months, have his blood work, but, he said, ‘If you want to see me more often, just call and make an appointment and come in, even if you just want to talk.’

Gordon was so worried whether he would live or not — but his color started coming back. He felt so much better. After about a year, the doctor saw him and said, ‘Mr. Watson. You look like a new man. You look like you’ve taken about 10 years off your age.’ That made Gordon feel wonderful.

CFHN: How did Dr. Singh wind up the primary physician for you both?

Watson: One day we went in, Gordon was seeing Dr. Singh, and I wasn’t feeling very well myself — I have problems with my sinuses and allergies — and I guess I looked kind of puny. Now, I don’t like being a patient. I don’t like going to a doctor, myself.

But Dr. Singh looked over at me and said, ‘Well, my dear, would you like us to take care of you?’ (And that was that.)

CFHN: Ongoing, what have been some of the positives about the doctor-patient connections?

Watson: They have such a good rapport, Dr. Singh and Gordon. If my husband has any kind of problem all he has to do is call and say, ‘This is Gordon Watson and I need him to call me as soon as he can.’ And he has called back within 15 minutes every time.

If we are in the office — sometimes we will see one of the other doctors in the practice — Dr. Singh will come by the room and stick his head in and let us know if we need anything, or if Gordon doesn’t feel comfortable for any reason, that he’s with another patient and it may take him a few minutes, we might have to wait, but he would come if we need him to. He is very gracious like that.

The doctor was so concerned and worried when he got all of the reports in — with all that my husband had been through — he said, ‘Mr. Watson, you just stay with me. I’ll take good care of you.’ And he has. I just really wanted to tell others about Dr. Singh. It will make my heart feel good. I highly, highly, highly recommend him to anyone.

When we see him — even like out in the parking lot — he remembers us like we were his long lost relatives. He comes over, shakes our hand — he’s really glad to see us. I have worked with many doctors before, and I know this is unusual to have this type of loving, caring manner.

CFHN: Why the special connection?

Gordon Watson: He is the only doctor I have ever been to where you tell him what your problems are, and he just sits there and really listens. He doesn’t rush you. He doesn’t try to push pills. He takes his time to listen to everything you have to say.



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